Who is Jay Taylor?

Jay Taylor was raised in rural Southern Illinois. His father, who was a coal miner, and his mother, who was at times a housekeeper, retail associate, and a stay-at-home-mom had four children of which Jay is the youngest. The 6-person family lived in a modest home. His siblings and parents still live in the small community, and his dad still lives in the house where he raised his family.

Jay learned the values of hard work and self-reliance from his parents, and the tight-knit farming and blue-collar community where he was raised. He joined the US Army a few weeks after he graduated high school. He made this decision to have an opportunity to go to college.

His first Duty Station was Ft. Hood, Texas. He then spent time in Germany and the Balkans. Due to a training accident, Jay received a Medical Discharge in 1997 after 6.5 years on M1A1 Tanks. Given the option of going back to Illinois or returning to Texas, Jay chose Texas. He said that Texas had become home and he was ready to get back.

Once re-established in Texas, Jay worked in Information Technology, Banking, and Management. He moved between Killeen and Austin. in 2003, Jay and his wife, Kimberly moved to Carrollton so Kimberly could further her career. They soon purchased a home in Little Elm. When Jay and Kim added their son to their brood, including their daughters, Jay took a nearly year-long leave from working outside the home to be a stay-at-home-dad. He will tell you to this day that anyone who thinks stay-at-home parents don't work hard, well, that's someone who has simply never held the job!

While living in Little Elm, Jay volunteered for Little Elm’s Economic Development Corporation, EDC. He was Vice President then the acting President. During his tenure with the EDC, he and the team championed community initiatives and brought in many developments from their networking and prospecting on Little Elm EDC’s behalf.

Due to work opportunities and a love for adventure, the family moved to the West Coast where they lived near San Francisco and then in Orange County for a few years. In 2018 the family decided it was time to come back home. They bought a home in Frisco and have gotten back to embracing everything that makes Texas their amazing home.


So why run for Congress?

Running for office was not the goal for Jay. He has enjoyed politics and debating people on points that seem to have endless options. He is often arguing against his own point just to see how someone will defend a position he agrees with. But debating political views and running for office is not the same.

While living in California, Jay saw the horrible results of governing from good intentions. He firmly believes that the elected officials, the overwhelming majority is Democrats, in California are doing what they think is best. He also believes the people who continue to elect these hardline Party-First Politicians think they are doing what's best.

However, reality is not reflective of their best intentions. The state is mired in high-crime cities, debt, homelessness and more things the people of California are trying to fix. Many of these problems exist because of the echo chamber created by shutting down any ideas, suggestions or hints that do not align with the Party Line. Additionally, when politicians try to use facts and data to make a stand against the failed policies, they are voted out or shutdown.

It isn't just the Democratic Party doing this. Look at our Federal Government and see how the Republicans must pander to the large corporations in order to stay in office. If a Republican politician makes a stand against the Party Line, they are similarly booted out of the secret society and are defunded and no longer electable.

Nearly half of us no longer identify as Republican or Democrat. That leaves a bit over 25% each for the donkeys and elephants. Together, we can kick out the animals and return control of our government to the people.


From me to you, one voter to another -

I choose to run as an Independent candidate to represent Republicans, Democrats, and Independents while getting endorsements from multiple Third-Party and non-affiliated organizations so we can begin the process of changing our Federal Government to better represent us.

We MUST make a change. We cannot continue down a path that provides two options where EVERYONE is forced to choose the lesser of two evils or opt-out. And, in case you are not aware, both the Republicans and the Democrats would prefer all of us to opt-out. They want us to become apathetic and allow them to do as they please and line their pockets with our taxes and the bribes they have legalized.

So I am asking you to take a stand with me. Regardless of your past political leanings, you can join the majority of us her in the middle where common-sense rules and extreme party dogma is demoted.

Take a moment and share this site with your friends.

If you can spare skipping a dinner out, donate to the campaign.

If you live in District 26, send us a message and let's schedule a sitdown with you and your friends. We can do it at your house, a local cafe or in the park. The important thing is we need to get the word out.

Together, we can make things better.

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